About Us - NDS Auto Part Co., Ltd.

Our Business Philosophy

At NDS Auto Part Co., Ltd., we believe in creating win-win situations for our customers and ourselves. Our business is built on strong partnerships and mutual success, ensuring every interaction leads to shared prosperity and long-term growth.


About NDS Auto Part Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2006, NDS Auto Part Co., Ltd. is a distinguished manufacturer and trader of automotive parts and accessories, known for innovative designs and high-performance products. Our factory, N2AutoRace, ensures all our products meet OEM standards with 100% compatibility. Our commitment to quality and exceptional service has solidified our leadership in the automotive lighting industry, particularly in the U.S. market. We supply major market players in the U.S. and have rigorous factory certification. In China, we are recognized as a top-tier manufacturer. For more information, visit our website.


Our Commitment to Excellence and Community

We allocate up to 2% of our profits to charitable causes, including supporting car accident victims and orphans, reflecting our dedication to social responsibility.


Our Global Presence

With extensive experience in exporting our products worldwide, we have established a significant global presence. We have participated in the Las Vegas SEMA Show for the past six years, showcasing our innovations and strengthening international relationships.


Our Departments


1. Research and Development (R&D)

Team of 12 experienced electronic and structural engineers.

Pioneers in integrating 3D printing technology for rapid OEM product development.

2. Production Department

6,000 square meter facility with 8 SMT automated production lines.

Staffed by 200 dedicated assembly line workers, adhering to ISO-certified quality control protocols.

3. Sales Department

Located in China and the USA, providing global reach and accessibility.

Focused on exceptional customer service, managing sales, shipping, pricing, technical support, and warranty services.

4. Quality Control (QC)

Divided into raw materials and finished products units.

Implements thorough inspections and quality assurance protocols.

5. Shipping Department

Ensures timely and secure delivery of products worldwide.

Focuses on logistics optimization for seamless and cost-effective delivery solutions.

6. Warranty Department

Handles all aspects of after-sales service, including warranty claims and customer support.