SEMA Show: Our Story

As NDS Auto Part Co., Ltd., also known as N2 Auto Race Inc., we are proud to have participated in the SEMA Show held in Las Vegas for seven consecutive years, and we will be participating again in October 2024. Our presence at the SEMA Show has always been a key platform for us to introduce our innovative products and strengthen our brand’s global presence.


Throughout the fair, our dedicated team engages with numerous industry professionals and enthusiasts, showcasing the high quality and performance of our products. The positive feedback and interest we receive from attendees continually affirm the value and impact of our offerings.


Participating in the SEMA Show provides us with invaluable opportunities to connect with potential customers worldwide, forge new business relationships, and stay at the forefront of industry trends. Our team’s diligent efforts and exceptional performance at the fair consistently represent NDS Auto Part Co., Ltd. in the best possible light, further solidifying our reputation in the market.