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Mechanical 8-Switch Control System

Mechanical 8-Switch Control System

Innovative Control System with Mechanical Precision

This state-of-the-art Mechanical 8-Switch Control System features an 8 Gangs configuration, designed for seamless control and customization of your vehicle’s electrical systems. The panel incorporates a strobe function, providing an extra layer of functionality and safety.

Key Features:

Mechanical Press Buttons: Offers reliable and tactile control, ensuring precise operation even in challenging conditions.

8 Gangs Configuration: Allows you to control up to eight different electrical devices or accessories from a single panel, enhancing convenience and organization.

Strobe Function: Equipped with a strobe feature, providing additional safety options, particularly useful in emergency situations or for signaling.

Customizable Switch Labels: The panel comes with interchangeable labels, allowing you to customize each switch according to your specific needs.

Durable Design: Built to withstand harsh environments, with an IP68 rating making it ideal for off-road vehicles, boats, and other demanding applications.

Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward installation with all necessary hardware included, making it user-friendly for both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking to streamline the control of your vehicle’s accessories or enhance safety with the strobe function, this 8 Gangs Mechanical Press Button Control System offers a versatile and reliable solution.

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